23 July 2016


Planting (July 2016)  along Great Eastern Highway with school kids from Perth....this was smoke we had BBQ for lunch, generator and all for a hot cuppa!!!

21 February 2016

Treatment plant Narogin WA

45000 sedges and reeds planted within the new Water Corp treatment plant. each basin was 10000m2  and the basins were saturated with treated affluent soon after planting. The sedges will strip nutrients and purify the water so that the water can be released into a nearby stream.

05 July 2015

Gateway WA

Plantation and Landcare  has started what is described by Main Roads WA as the biggest re vegetation project ever undertaken. The new Gateway project linking the International airport Leach Highway and Roe Highway. Along with cells and tubes over 30 ha will be direct seeded and more than 3000 established trees will be staked and tied. The landscaping project started in May and is expected to be completed by September

06 September 2014

2014 planting season draws to an end

With the field days upon us it usually means the end of the planting season for me. Pretty well finished bar a few trees (30000) to be planted up in Geraldton on the main highway. Season was good both volume wise and weather wise with good rains falling at strategic times.
Top pic some 15000 salt bush planted north of Bencubbin, good weed control and early site prep and we have a 95% strike rate to date (last week) with no rainfall to speak of since planting (no double digit recording since planting in June)
Bottom Low area near Lake king once again good weed control with little regermination of rye grass which is always an issue in low lying zones

02 July 2014

main roads offset planting

Substantial project about to begin throughout the midwest planting over 100,000 trees across various sites from Ajana to Perenjori. With good rains projected now and in the next few days the ground will be moist and ideal conditions

DPAW plantings 2014

DPAW plantings south of Perth (Mundijong) some 25,000 will be planted across numerous sites along the Serpentine River as part of the rehabilitation of the river system

03 March 2014

28 years planting trees for one family

                                          Bruce Lefroy inspecting 2013 creekline revegetation.

There is a lot of satisfaction in returning back to a farm and seeing how tree planting and fodder crops can  improve the ambiance and profitability.
I've been going back to Cranmore Park Stud in Walebing for 28 years to plant trees for Bruce Lefroy.
We started off creating shelter belts of Eucalyptus for the stock to give them some shade and wind protection. I'm now revegetating the creeklines with salt bush which create a fodder reserve for the poor seasons.
I encourage farmers and landholdrs to chip away at their landcare issues.